In order to perform effectively and successfully, IMC uses the latest management tools and techniques in delivering its services. Such tools and techniques include Balanced Scorecard, Knowledge Base Management systems, sophisticated ERP selection matrices, and training courses and workshops.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a powerful tool for communicating strategies and relies on a fully integrated approach to enhance organizational performance. IMC trains and helps its clients to implement BSC tools by:

  • Establish clients’ goals, themes, objectives, mapping, measurements, targets, and programs.

  • Identifying key performance indicators and measures used against these indicators.

  • Helping managers focus on the measures that are most critical to achieving the strategy.

  • Building the organization’s balanced scorecards and cascading them to the different organizational levels.

The proven IMC strategy execution methodology has three phases: Mobilize, Align, and Sustain. IMC collaborates with its clients throughout these three phases to drive breakthrough results through strategy execution:

  • Mobilize Change through Executive Leadership - (executives) take the initiative for managing the change required to support the strategy.

  • Translate the Strategy to a Balanced Scorecard - create a Balanced Scorecard which translates the strategy to operational terms.

  • Align the Organization to the Strategy - use the Balanced Scorecard to link the goals of corporate entity, all lines of business, and support units.

  • Make Strategy Everyone's Job - educate, empower, and inspire employees at all levels of the organization to execute the strategy.

  • Make Strategy a Continual Process - through the Balanced Scorecard, link the governance process (budgeting, reporting, planning, reviews) to the strategy.



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