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Developing Business Strategy:

Strategy formulation is a creative exercise demanding extraordinary awareness, perception and insight beyond logic and specialization, most often based on broad knowledge and experience, but not always. Successful strategy implementation is the critical challenge in organizations today. IMC collaborates with clients to build and institutionalize strategy execution capabilities. IMC helps its clients to manage strategies execution to achieve breakthrough results.

Strategy has a "hard" side and a "soft" side. The hard side involves describing strategy (with maps and measures) and executing it (with processes and procedures). The soft side, while less understood, is no less important. It involves leadership, culture, and teamwork - all prerequisites for organizational change. To execute strategy is to execute change at all levels of an organization. If you are to succeed, you need to have a better understanding of the soft side of strategy implementation.

Utilizing IMC services in this area ensures:

  • Proper business strategy development using Balanced Scorecard tools

  • That strategy becomes everyone’s job in organizations

  • Strategies be formulated at the top, and deployed for execution at all levels of the organizational structure

  • Improvement of incentive compensation by tying it in to strategic achievements

  • Information Technology systems that serve the strategic objectives of the company



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