Integrated Management Consulting (IMC), an international management consulting firm, serves the Middle East and the North African region by promoting and utilizing the latest management standards and techniques. IMC’s services are targeted towards public and private sectors to help improve organizations’ performance through developing business strategies, managing knowledge and intellectual capitals, breeding innovation, and optimizing organizational behavior. We work with entities that want not only to be successful, but to be market leaders by creating and sustaining competitive advantage. By helping our clients rise above the average, we help them to become exceptional at what they do.

The bottom line achievements for organizations utilizing IMC services are:

  • Sustaining improved Financial Returns

  • Successful business transformation implementation

  • Effective integration of acquisitions

  • Improved management of strategic accounts

  • Effectively developed and deployed business and information models

IMC relies mainly on the education and expertise of its management and business consultants in previously executed projects in the region, its computer based consulting solutions software, and its strategic partners.



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