Dear colleagues, partners, & friends,

In this turbulent business times where organizations are born and die on a daily basis, we are encountering changes of business concepts, strategies, and directions as fast as technologies and communication change. Giant companies that used to be among us no longer exist.Small companies that started from home garages and basements are taking over the business world.

Management styles are changing as such. From rational management to natural way of management and stopping now at the open system of management, leaders are randomly searching their ways to survive their organizations letting alone growing them.

How do we set our organizational goals? How do we build our technical core competence? How do we structure our organization to conduct our business smoothly? How do we set up our inter-organizational relationship with other companies to survive such turbulent environments? How can we build a successful business strategy? Questions are accumulating while trying to find answers for old ones.

We, at Integrated Management Consulting, do not have the magic touch to rid off your problems, but for sure have the means, tools, and ideas to help you put your foot on the right track, answer your concerns, and saving you the hassles of what is going on in the corporate world. Our deep experience in the management world will sail you safely to the comfortable zone of setting, tuning, and running your business. From studying and enhancing your current business goals setting, structure, processes, and technology to improving your employee’s performance and productivity, you will find our services up to expectations and valuable.

Look us over and contact us for any help or services you might need. You will find us standing next to you, rolling up our sleeves, and helping you to put your business on the right track.

Thank you for taking the time to read through and looking forward to hear from you.

Nazem Minkara



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